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Welcome to KENYA SAFARI TOUR BOOKING : Kenya Tour safari booking is pleased to announce that we are based in Nairobi Kenya, We operate a large fleet of new safari vans and Land cruisers with administration staff and a team of handpicked experienced drier guides, We have made arrangements for all our clients to be covered by kenya flying doctor service incase of emergency evacuations for all our Kenya Tanzania Safari tour Holidays.

Our kenya safaris and Kenya Tour combine with one of Kenya greatest attractions the superb coastline of mombasa with its idyllic white sands beaches fringed by coconut palms and whispering casuarinas, this destination offers the perfect beach holiday with best kenya safari prices.

Our selection of hotels and lodges for all our clients a variety to suit all customers needs, incentives, conferences, family holidays, wildlife safaris, migration safari tours in masai Mara, walking safaris, photographic safari tours, balloon ride excursions in masai mara and visit to maasai villages,masai mara wildlife migration, Kenya Tanzania combined safaris.

KSCB2: 3 Days Masai Mara

KSCB3: 4 Days Masai Mara/ Lake Nakuru

KSBLS003b: 5 Days Aberdares Lake Nakuru Masai Mara National parks

KSBL : 7 Days Kenya Lodge Safari at Samburu, Treetops/Lake Nakuru & Masai Mara

We offer Adventure Mountain climbing & Hiking, Both budget & Luxury safaris, Camping Safaris, White Water rafting, Beach holiday vacations, Wildlife safari tour, Kenya & Tanzania combined safaris, Uganda & Rwanda Gorilla Tracking, Nairobi Short Excursions, Mombasa Short Excursions, Balloon Safaris, Flying Air Package, Memorable Honeymoon Vacations, Cultural, mission, Family Tours, Photography tours, Zanzibar Beach & Excursions, Migration Safaris, Bird Watching, Meetings and Conferences. We also organize accommodations in both Kenya and Tanzania and Airport transfers to and from Jomo Kenyatta International Airport in Nairobi, Kenya. For people who loves nature, Kenya is a must-see destination. Better yet, Kenya offers more to the discerning African safari enthusiast than any other country in East Africa and Africa in general.

Tanzania Safaris
Tanzania Safari with a unique safari experience of the wildebeests migration from Serengeti, Ngorongoro Crater, Lake Manyara, Tarangire National Park, Life goes on when you meet our guide experts who can nail down all the details you need to know. If you are after stunning scenery, brilliant trackers, and wildlife galore, Tanzania is a must-see-destination.

Kenya Tanzania Combined Safaris
Kenya Tanzania combined safaris operates both air and road safari packages in Kenya and Tanzania. All Safaris begin and end in Nairobi, Kenya. After the wildlife safari you can end by going for a beach holiday in Mombasa, Malindi, Watamu or Zanzibar beach vacation..

Uganda Safaris
Uganda offers the amazing Gorilla and chimpanzee tracking safaris in some dense African forest. Maximize your safari experience with some additional activities such as White Water Rafting at Rive Nile, Bird Watching Safaris and Mountaineering excursions. Capture the spirit of Africa in Uganda, where Mother Nature and civilization meet in perfect harmony. To be able to enjoy a gorilla tracking you need to buy a permit which is issued by Uganda Wildlife Authority (UWA). As only 8 people per group per day are allowed, it is necessary to book permits as early as possible. We advise to book at least 3 months in advance to ensure that you can track on the requested date. Gorilla tracking permits in both Rwanda and Uganda cost USD$ 500 per person but prices may increase in future.

Mountain Climbing
Africa and especially Kenya and Tanzania offers the best hiking expeditions in the world. The East African land mass lying on both sides of the equator boasts of two of Africa's highest mountains - Mt. Kilimanjaro in Mount Kilimanjaro National Park, Tanzania (Kibo 5895m is the highest followed by Mawenzi 5149m) and Mount Kenya in Mount Kenya National Park, Kenya (Mount Kenya has 3 main peaks namely:- Batian at 5,199m, Nelion at 5,188m and point Lenana at 4,985m). Both are extinct volcanic mountains with snow capped peaks. The Rwenzori Mountains fondly referred to as the mythical "mountains of the moon" are capped with a wonderful mass of ice and snow, massive ice frost statuette and exotic alpine vegetation. The Ruwenzori Mountain ranges offer a perfect destination for the experienced climber as well as the casual hiker. Mount Meru is located in Tanzania and is the fifth highest mountain in Africa. It is a great mountain to climb and offers spectacular scenery, including views of Mount Kilimanjaro. Mount Longonot is only about 8-9 km long but very steep. The hiking takes around 5hrs and the peak is at 2780m asl.

Kenya Cultural Tours
Kenya has a culture born of countless sources. This region has been crossed by the paths of a long and complex history. From the prehistoric records of early man to the present day, Kenya has been a land of unending change, contrasts and diversity. The early tribal states saw cycles of migration and shifting power, with Kenya as a meeting place for peoples from the plain lands of the south, the forests of the West and the deserts of the North.. read more here

Zanzibar Beach Holidays & Excursions
Catch the thrill of Tanzania Safaris is a must for all travelers to experience the wilderness safari experience of Tanzania. Got more time, add Zanzibar or Mafia extension. Enjoy the sun kissed white sand beaches, an azure ocean boasting natural coral reefs teeming with fish, breathtaking sunsets and great climate combine to create the perfect setting for an unforgettable getaway....read more here